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  Spliced Takes - Snowbird / Digi Pk
Spliced Takes - Snowbird / Digi Pk
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Spliced Takes - Snowbird / Digi Pk

Price: £19.99


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ELVIS PRESLEY – SPLICED TAKES SNOWBIRD Perfect for the holidays, and another winner here! The best seasonal songs and gospels are included here.
Every year there are some "new" Elvis Christmas Albums.... they all have the same tracks over and over....
how nice to have someting really new now! One of THE hightlights must be the alternate version of "Winter Wonderland" it has a totally new approach, and 
alternate ending which sound amazing! Another cool edit is the "single" version of "Merry Christmas Baby" without
the overdubbs! "The First Noel" sounds as if it is a RPO version, the original master was edited with the 2008 overdubbed 
version, and makes it more powerful then ever!
As a bonus a "duet" version of "Mama Liked The Roses" is included, Elvis recorded two vocal overdubbs, these are 
combined here to get a very unusual version. I'll Be Home on Christmas Day - Spliced take 5,6
Peace in the Valley - Spliced take 5,8,7
Known Only To Him - Alternate Master
Winter Wonderland - Alternate Master
Snowbird - Alternate Master
Holly Leaves and Christmas Trees - Spliced take 1,2
His Hand in Mine - Spliced take 3,4
Merry Christmas Baby - Undubbed "Single" version
Silver Bells - Spliced Rehearsal/take 1
In the Garden - Spliced take 1,2,3
It Is No Secret - Spliced take 4,5,12
If I Get Home On Christmas Day - Alternate Master
It Won't Seem Like Christmas - Spliced take 2,3
If Everyday Was Like Christmas - Spliced take 1,2
Without Him - Spliced take 13,4
If That Isn't Love - Spliced take 2,7
The First Noel - Spliced with re-recording
We Call On Him - Spliced take 4,5,8,8
He Touched Me - Spliced take 2,2,3
I'll Be Home On Christmas Day (remake) - Spliced take 5,6,9
Mama Liked the Roses - Harmony Duet version

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